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Yolanda Neely, ABD,  M.A., B.S.


About the time I went to hear Dr Krebs speak ( @ 30 years ago) on his discovery of B17 and Laetrile I read about a dentist who had terminal cancer. His mother had gone to Mexico to get Laetrile for him but instead of taking it, he just put it in a drawer because he had no faith in it. One day he couldnít tolerate the pain so he decided to commit suicide by injecting himself with an overdose of the laetrile. However, instead of dying he fell asleep and later woke up without any pain! He was eventually cured Dr. Krebs discovered vitamin B15 and B17. He explained that in the same way that conditions such as scurvy could be cured by taking vitamin C so adding B17 to oneís diet would be an aid in curing cancer. Laetrile (B17) contains a natural cyanide compound which is not toxic in the human body.  However, when a malignant cell comes in contact with the cyanide it releases the poison. The poison then attacks the malignant cell and destroys the cancer cell. Normal cells donít have this special enzyme so they donít release the cyanide and therefore remain unchanged and unharmed.


However in 1981 Dr. Charles Mortel of Mayo Clinic carried on a fraudulent trial of amygdalin (laetrile) and then declared that it didnít work. Because of this it is no longer legal in the United States.


B17 is in over 1200 plants and especially the seeds of many fruits such as apples, peaches and plums. Because apricot pits contain an abundance of B17 they have been outlawed by the FDA! They actually went into health stores and removed them from their shelves. Donít believe it? Go to a health store and try to buy them.


With all the books being printed explaining how cancer can be cured by alternative treatments and the wealth of information readily available on the internet there is going to be a tremendous uproar heard as more of this information is known. It can no longer be kept quiet. There will one day be judgment for these groups, who abused their power and allowed millions to suffer and die. Will they as others did at the Nuremberg trials claim, ďI didnít know?Ē The time to take a stand and speak out against these MASS MURDERS is now! We cannot idly sit by and allow millions to continue to be tortured to death for profit. We are our brotherís keeper!


The time to take a stand and speak out against these MASS  MURDERS  is now!  We cannot idly sit by and allow millions to continue to be tortured to death for profit.  We are our brotherís keeper!



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