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Yolanda Neely, ABD,  M.A., B.S.


In the l920’s Dr. Royal Rife built a microscope that was more powerful than any we have today and he was able to study live viruses by staining them with light. Then he searched and found the correct frequency to destroy the cancer virus. In l934

Dr. Rife cured 16 of 16 patients with terminal cancer and then many more were cured in his clinics using light waves and radio waves. In addition, many other diseases caused by bacteria or viruses were cured. During treatment no tissue was destroyed, no pain was felt, no sensation noticed. The body then began to recover from the toxic effects of the cancer naturally. If we had this technology today all bacteria and viruses could be cured with absolutely no side effects. even AIDS!!! Then we wouldn’t need any pharmaceuticals!!! Just think about that.


In the 19th Century Robert Koch discovered the tuberculosis bacteria. He was able to kill the bacteria but couldn’t understand why his patients died. In the 20th Century Dr. Rife used his microscope to see why. While using his microscope Dr. Rife saw that when the tuberculosis bacteria died it released a second deadly, smaller sized microbe. That is what killed the patients. So Dr. Rife zapped them both simultaneously. Result? Patient cured.


According to the Los Angeles Times on May 31, 1999 treatment for a milder form of TB can take up to nine months and cost $60,000. For the drug-resistant form, treatment can last up to 36 months, cost more than $250,000 and it causes nausea and other side effects.


In the 1930’s Dr. Couch used Dr. Rife’s equipment on Naval Commander Harrison’s wife. The lower half of her breast was eaten away by cancer and she suffered intense agony all the time. She refused surgery because she was afraid the cancer would spread into her bloodstream. After she was treated with the Rife instrument which produced no sensation she healed perfectly and she had two normal breasts again. 


In 1950, John Crane, an engineer, machinist, laboratory analyst, health researcher and inventor became Rife’s partner. Crane, born in 1915, worked at Rife’s side from 1950 until 1971. During that time he learned all the secrets of Rife’s cancer cure and all the details of its suppression. Together Rife and Crane designed and constructed better equipment. Then the authorities struck. Crane was jailed, equipment smashed, and records were destroyed.   This all came to light in 1986 when Barry Lynes met John Crane and heard the entire story first hand. At first Lynes was skeptical but after checking the wealth of documents that Crane had, Barry Lynes wrote his book, “The Cancer Cure That Worked.”


 Morris Fishbein, who became the head of the American Medical Association in1924, and the AMA were successful in destroying Dr. Rife’s microscope and his work. By the l950’s the electronic healing association with thousands of members, many of whom were medical doctors, was no longer in existence. They got away with not just commercial crime but with MASS MURDER!


The original Rife instruments were destroyed but there are many that are working on his ideas and have built their own instruments. Unfortunately, at the present time, 2004, none of them get the consistent, reliable results that Dr. Rife obtained in the 1930’s.


In 2003 a high school student won first prize in a science fair for curing West Nile Virus using radio waves. During the evening news on NBC Sue Simmons asked him what the side effects were. He answered, “None.” That is what Dr. Rife did in 1934. He cured cancer, viruses and bacteria with light frequencies and radio waves.


I recently (summer 2004) heard a commercial on the radio about a doctor advertising that he did corrective eye surgery using radio waves. (Many are using Dr. Rife’s ideas)


Morris Fishbein challenged and defeated President Roosevelt on national health issues and openly and vehemently attacked electronic healing therapies for no other reason but that his job was to protect the financial interests of the AMA doctors and the public health be damned!


To those who find this story preposterous may I recommend you view the video, “Tucker: The Man and His Dream.” It is the story of the man who, 58 years ago built the best and safest automobile but it was destroyed by the Federal Government and the auto industry. This resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of crippling injuries. What was done to Tucker has been and is being done to those who have true cures for illnesses that do not require a patent or are unwilling to share their profits with the AMA or the pharmaceutical companies.

In Kevin Trudeau’s book, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About,” read “Appendix B, No Hunger Bread.” It is the true story of how the FDA actually stopped the production of this bread which caused people to lose weight because it was in competition with a new drug which also caused weight loss. 


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