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Yolanda Neely, ABD,  M.A., B.S.

Before tissue degenerates into cancer, the bodyís metabolic rate around the site increases. The increase in circulation gives off heat. A thermogram can detect that heat and warn of the developing pathology 8 to 10 years before any other method. Therefore a woman has plenty of time to take corrective measures to stop or reverse the deterioration. In addition, thermograms are safe because they do not have any side effects. Also, a thermogram is a far more accurate assessment of the future development of breast cancer than family history.

According to Lorraine Day, a medical doctor and cancer survivor, yearly mammograms increase a womanís chance of getting cancer by 2 % each time she has one. Mammograms radiate the breasts. Also, if a woman has cancer, the compressions, in addition to being painful, can help the cancer to spread.  My husbandís doctor told him not to rub the area on his face where the cancer was because it would stimulate the cancer and help it to spread. A compression is even worse.
So a thermogram is definitely a safer method of a routine yearly check-up. If a thermogram reveals a problem then a sonogram is done to confirm it or rule it out. Again, with no side effects.   This is especially good news for younger women so that they do not have to subject themselves to the dangerous and painful side effects of a mammogram. (Body thermograms are also available.)
In this metropolitan area, ( N.J., N.Y., PA.) thermograms are performed by, Liesha Getson, a board certified Thermography Technician.  Her husband, Philip Getson, D. O. has been doing thermography for 25 years. He has been certified by four different thermographic boards.
Everything is done in house. Liesha Getson, takes the pictures and her husband, Philip Getson reads them and then generates the report followed by a phone conference. Their equipment is made for medical application with no drift on the pictures.
Thermograms are performed in:
New Jersey at: Marlton, Spring Lake Heights and Morristown.
Pennsylvania at: Catasoukua, Souderton, and Easton.
New York at New York City.
All appointments are made through this number: 856-596-5834 For more information visit their web-site at:






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